Whom we are

Applica solutions Intl LTD  Created in 2015 by Khaled Abou Khair & walid Abou Khair .
We have started the concrete & epoxy flooring business in Nigeria since  2007 with SANA CONSTRUCTION ltd. SANA CONSTRUCTION was the  most well known Epoxy applicators in Nigeria and the only authorized applicators for PURCHEM Manufacturing Ltd .

Our clients were the biggest players operating in Nigeria like:
A.food factory: Nestle , Indomie , Chivita , Pardee food , Deli food , 7up , Beloxxi , Lacasera , Promasidor , ….
B.Chemical, Detergents and PharmaceuticalsManufacturer: Hypo, GSK . Unilever, Nemith , Fedson , Dana ……
C.Power plant : Aja Substation.
D.All facilities in Onne free zone in all domains through a contract signed with PRODECO Int Ltd (Onne free zone developer ):
•Storage  Warehouses:ITT , WACN
•Power SUB-Stations:Onne camp SUB-Station
•Oil&Gas Companies: Exxon Mobil , Chevron , Cameron Valve , FMC ,Addax .
•Water Treatment plants: Onne camp Water Treatment Plant , FOT , FLT
•Show rooms &Work Shops: WAMS
•INTELS Helipads.